Fight with yourself | BLOG 07

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Paul J. Meyer

7:00 AM. Good Mooorning!


I’m bored.

I’ll do it later.

One more game and I’m starting.

Do you recognize it? Is it familiar to you? Have you used or maybe still using these phrases?

If yes, here are some tips to work on that! Remember, it’s normal that something distracting you and that you just simply don’t want to work. You are a human. So how to cheat yourself? Let’s take an example: you have an elephant to eat. He’s veryy big. How can you do this? Calling friends? 😀 No! You have to eat him by yourself! So …? Divide him into smaller pieces and eat piece by piece!

Next tip: you have a work to do and you know it will take a loong time so you can’t even start. What you can do? Split your job! Do it like:

25 minutes work – 5 min break – 25 work – 5 break -25 work – 5 break – 25 work – 35 break!

Reward yourself with these breaks! But REMEMBER: when you’re working, you have to focus 100% on your job! Turn off all diffuses – facebook, twitter, phone etc..

Methods i mentioned here are called: how to eat an elephant and pomodoro! I recommend you to get know them deeper and start using them! It really works and it really  is helpful!


I hope you enjoyed this 🙂  Have a good day, work hard and see you tomorrow ! 

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