Hi, folks. First time with ENGLISH | BLOG 05

You’re never a loser until you quit trying.



I wanna talk a little about ‘trying‘. Why should we try out new things(Like eg. writing a blog post in foreign language)? To learn them! Because we practicing. Well, you see only ready product, in this case – ready post blog, but in fact, it took time to create it. I don’t mind Hey! Give me money for my lost time!  I just mean that, while I was creating that post, I HAD TO see some translations, i HAD TO use dictionary. In fact I’m still not sure about .. hmm all words and syntax are correctly? BUT, there is a BIG BUT. From one to another blog post I learn, I practice my writing skill and I really believe, it will work out for me in the FUTURE. When exactly? I don’t know, it takes time to reach certain goals. So remember: don’t be afraid and try out new things!

Ok, let’s make a brief summary. 

  1. Try – failures will appear, but if you trying, trying and TRYING, then guess what? You have this!
  2. Don’t bother with the others opinions – someone criticizes you? Maybe he’s jealous?
  3. Enjoy your success – it may take 5 months? 5 years? But, if You are strong enough, you have it! You worked out for it and you can say yourself I DID IT!  Congratulations! 

And remember:

Ok FOLKS! That’s it! Thank you for reading it and I hope you get some motivation to act. I think my English is not that bad, so ….  see you tomorrow 🙂

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