It is over! | BLOG 30

History never really says goodbye. History says, ‘See you later.’

Eduardo Galeano

7:44 AM.  Good Mooorning!


30 days behind us! I did it :p . Actually i have to say that in the half I was thinking to quit, but I didn’t do it and now I can be proud of myself :D.

In the BLOG 01 I have set myself several goals to do. Let’s quickly summarize them:

  1.  30 BLOG POSTS – Done
  2. Gym (I assume to take 100kg on chest lift by the end of 2017) – Undone, still have time ( it is still 90 kg :/ )
  3. Swimming pool(400m in < 8min by the end of 2017) – Undone , I didn’t even went on the swimming pool once. So it is still challenge and I hope i I’ll have motivation to do it in 2k18
  4. Source of income or just earning money :D(also by the end of 2017) – Undone yet, but I’m on my way to do it 🙂


What’s now?

So, plans for now are to start writing technical blogs.  I have few ideas for topics: ‘equals vs == in Java’, ‘abstract class vs interface’, ‘string buffer vs string builder’, ‘n+1 problem in hibernate’.  Also I want to write more about spring (beans scopes,  security)  and Java 8 and 9 in details.

I don’t know when I will start publishing tech posts, but I guess in one/two weeks because I need a break from posting for a while 😀


That’s all for today and few other days! Thanks for being with me all this time! See you soon!  🙂


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