Let’s sell it out! | BLOG 23

 Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.

Nelson Mandela

8:22 AM. Goood Mooorning!


Hi! Do you remember our little game about bitcoins? It’s another sunday morning and it is good time to sell our bitcoins! Actually bitcoin .. 😀 . Today market value: 

Today bitcoin equals:  5761.94$

We bought bitcoin for: 4309.34$

5761.94– 4309.34 = 1452.60

1452.60$ profit. WOW! I didn’t expected that at all!  That was perfect buisness. My advice for everyone. If you want long term investment then yes, you can buy bitcoins and keep them up. In 3-4 years they should be worth 2x more. If you want short-term, then you should wait when bitcoin go down to 4.5k – 5k and then buy, and sell whenever you want to. 


Have a nice sunday! See you tomorrow 🙂 

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