Take a positive energy! | BLOG 06

Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.

7:02 AM. Good Mooooorning!

Today I’ll give you a few brief advice about: what gives me positive energy. Let’s begin!

Action plan!

I really love to know what I have to do while whole day. It’s like Ooo. 1PM, that means dinner time! Even things like that. I just love to have plan because it keeps me focus!  

Early mornings!

Yes! We have 7AM right now, and guess what? I’m ready to act! I’m doing what I like. And also one bonus mind play .. when most of you sleeping, I’m working but not because I have to, BUT because I WANT TO! !

Positive people!

Ohhh yea! It’s very important part. When you are with people who always complain – BE CAREFUL, after a while you can be one of them! So, how to surround with people who have this positive energy, who wants to do something different, who wants to ACT. How? First of all – start acting like you want to, not like you have to! My suggestion here is: sometimes it’s really hard to find people with positive energy so what can you do? YouTube! YES! There are many, many, MANY positive, crazy and always smiling people. But it’s also dangerous! I don’t want to talk about dangerous part right now, but be careful with your choices. My recommendation here is: Jon Olsson VLOGS. For me: Just perfect!

Ok, I guess it’s all what I wanted to tell you. Positive energy even in small things like a cooking is a good thing. So stay positive 🙂 . See You tomorrow!

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